To be eligible:
  • You must live within the United States.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have an active public Instagram profile to which you will be posting. (No special UOI Rep Profiles may be made).
  • Your Instagram profile must have a strong following (At least 1,000 followers).
  • You must have writing and photography skills.
  • You must have a strong fashion sense.
  • You must not have an affiliate or rep relationship with any other clothing brands.
  • You must allow UOI view to your social profiles and use your photos.

  • The benefits:
  • Receive commission (in the form of a gift card) for any new customer that uses your code!
  • 25% off your personal UOI purchases.
  • Exclusive UOI Rep contests and freebies.
  • Your fans receive 10% off each order.
  • Access to the UOI Rep Facebook Group.

  • How it Works:
    Once you’ve been selected as a UOI Online Rep, you will be given your exclusive coupon codes, as well as access to the secret UOI Rep Facebook group. Commission is distributed every month in the form of an online gift card to Every 60 days, we will evaluate your performance as a rep, and decide if you should remain in the program.

    Have a question about the rep program?? Email 

    If you meet the above requirements and you’re interested in becoming a UOI Online Rep, fill out the form below. 



    Reps are added to the program on a rolling basis. Applications expire after 90 days. Due to the high volume of applicants only applicants that have been accepted into the program will be contacted.