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How to Wear: Floral Headbands

Posted on 17 July 2014

Floral headbands are the hottest accessory trend right now! For some of us, we can just throw them on and they instantly look cute. For others, it takes a little more practice. Below, we show you three of our favorite ways to wear them. Remember: floral headbands are meant to be boho chic, which means your hair doesn't have to look perfect! 

Shop the Look: Headband   ///   Tee
Balance a large floral headband with long, loose waves. To take the boho effect up a notch, add in a side braid like Sydney did.

Shop the Look: Headband   ///   Tee
With a medium-sized headband, you're safe wearing your hair pulled up! We love the look of actually tucking your hair into the bottom of the headband and securing with bobby pins. You can see our tutorial on that here.

Shop the Look: Headband   ///   Tee
A dainty floral crown is the easiest floral headband to pull off! Since floral crown headbands are small, you don't want to overpower them with too much loose hair. Pulling half of your hair back allows the headband to take center stage.

Which floral headband look is your favorite? What other tips do you have for wearing them? Let us know on Facebook, or in the comments below. (To comment, ensure you've clicked on the blog post title. Once you're on the blog post you will see the comment form at the bottom of the post.)

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